With Jurubu you can build your own Jump and Run platform levels made out of blocks, enemies and much more.

Your creativity is unlimited, you can build everything you can imagine. The editor has many tools to let you create your level fast and simple. Use different brush sizes, go backwards or edit every single enemy or weapon to make them like you want to have them. You can even change the gravity of the level!

Download on Google Play

In the editor you have:
+ 10 different blocks, you can let them move and edit their shape.
+ 5 different enemies, you can edit their speed, density, how they walk around, give them a weapon and much more.
+ Mine, bomb and weapon, you can edit the bullet speed, reload time, bullet gravity, bullet restitution, reload time and much more.
+ Checkpoint, coin, trampoline, goal, spike, torch and mine.

Level settings:
+ Build your own background out of blocks.
+ Desert, hills, clouds and palms background.
+ Set the level size, gravity, playtime and playspeed.
+ Play in 3D and in 2D.

Player settings:
+ Walking speed
+ Jumppower
+ Number of lives
+ Give the player a weapon

Share features:
+ Upload your level to the community and share it with your friends.
+ Play levels from the community and 18 predefined levels.
+ Level store to download levels!

I’m curious on what you will build 😀

JUmp, RUn and BUild – Jurubu

Give me feedback on maek.dev@gmx.de or just leave a comment on Google Play!

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